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red string of fate ahha  aa  a a aa a

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looking at yummytomatoes’ stuff always prompts me to draw a karkat - there is a blatant lack of karkat in my art tag

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Can’t stop drawing things from this show!
I’m still finding it tricky illustrating a guy who can go from deeply sinister to giddy scoolgirl in 0.5 though!
One of Dana in the dog park, which I hope she gets out of sometime soon. She really has been through a lot, that girl…
Tamika Flynn, most badass little 12 year old in Night Vale, probably the world. She’s seen things… she’s READ things!
Aaand that lovely kiss. I think I actually held my breath when it happened. But I still can’t draw cars.

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Something silly and rushed again. Cecil is a bitch to draw for me for some reason :’D

Also I will probably add a watermark to most of my future artwork because of reasons.

Coming up next: my submission for the Book of Belief-Project for RotG!

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Every time I draw any Night Vale stuff, it ALWAYS turns out different. All my Cecil drawings are inconsistent. All my angels look different. I just can’t commit to one design! And that’s why I like drawing Night Vale art.

So here are some inconsistent angels. 

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I was livetweeting during Nintendo’s E3 and guess what was a part of it


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" I am the beast
  I am the light
  I am the blighted being cursed with sight
  I am the god
  Who created a world

I am Leviathan the Girl.”

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There’s gonna be a new Zelda, you guys!

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From my heart and from my hand
Wwhy don’t people understand
My intentions, Ooh, wweird science!

(yer a wwizard, eri). Eridan palette meme for num.12

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I’m not gonna draw an Ampora, I’m not gonna draw an Ampora, I’m not gonna dr- *draws all three* GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!

School Pencil