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sollux from the stream!! thanks for coming muchachas

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Dear ‘Kuzloz and Cal snake is really lovely, but what if Damara and Callie snake?’ Anon: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don’t think they’d really get along but snakes and dams are always good. 

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i know i’ve been really monothematic about dmmd and aoba but LOOK AT THAT PIECE OF TRASH
he’s got a blue gun a bLUE GUN
i had to fix is fingers a little but i feel like i did a good job

request! take a look at other images i’ve made! 

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Happy 413 everyone!

Stay classy Andrew Hussie! 

Wow this is getting super reblogged again.

The source doesn’t work anymore, this artwork lives only in rebloggland now.

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chaos i heard it was your bday i hope im not too late but i drew u a bird boy bc i know u love him i hope you have/ had a super super wonderful day„,!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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How many times do you think Aoba cried out of frustration because he wasn’t skilled enough to fix Clear?

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Might as well go for a full house. I’ve always wanted to try out this kind of composition. Personally, I call it the ‘mafia lineup group pic’.

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my favorite thing to draw is carlos doing stupid things

this did not wind up as good as i wanted it to. i was wanting to make a new background for my computer and i had the background stretched a LOT but it just didnt look right so ive cropped it. <:((

Hot damn, those colors!

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a quick, tiny eridan doodle

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It’s just a façade. Remind you of anyone, Mary?

School Pencil